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Service commercial shopping centers are proposed for the western end of the community for maximum exposure and accessibility. A mixed-use center will be located near the corner of North Fig Tree Boulevard and East Robertson Boulevard; this site will provide the opportunity to develop residential uses in the same building as or adjacent to commercial retail uses. These centers will provide a variety of retail services, such as retail stores, bookstores, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, service stations, personal services, real estate offices, and financial institutions; they may remain open up to 24 hours per day. Medical and dental offices may also be built within these commercial centers.

Commercial Land Use Designations

Commercial land use designations within Rancho Calera include Mixed-Use (RC-MU) and Service Commercial (RC-CS). The descriptions of these land uses are provided below.



The Mixed-Use land use designation provides for a combination of commercial shopping and high-density residential uses such as apartments, condominiums, and townhomes on the same site.

Appropriate commercial uses within this designation, which is intended to serve the local resident, include retail, commercial services, offices, and other businesses. A maximum of 20 dwelling units is allowed on this site, which could accommodate a population density of up to 67 persons per acre, given an average household size of 2.8 persons. In the event no residential units are constructed in the Mixed Use land use designation, a portion of the low or medium density residential land use areas may be converted to a high density residential land use.

The mixed-use center will be located between South Lake Tahoe Drive and East Robertson Boulevard, east of North Fig Tree Boulevard. It is anticipated that up to 47,045 square feet of commercial development may be built at a floor area ratio (FAR) of 0.40. This shopping center will provide approximately 94 jobs based on a factor of 2 jobs per 1,000 square feet.



The Service Commercial land use designation provides service commercial and regional retail uses which are dependent on transient and local travel, as well as heavy commercial traffic. Commercial uses appropriate within this designation include restaurants, hotels and motels, shopping centers, large-scale retail centers offering a variety of products and services, recreational facilities, offices, and service stations.

The RC-CS land use has been designated for the western end of the community to take advantage of the exposure and accessibility to Highway 99. It is anticipated that a maximum 261,360 square feet of commercial development would be built at a floor area ratio (FAR) of 0.30. This would provide approximately 523 jobs, based on a factor of 2 jobs per 1,000 square feet.

plan for service commercial area

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