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Parks & Open Spaces

Numerous public facilities and recreational land uses are proposed within Rancho Calera. In the center are an elementary school and a site for a minor community park. Land will also be dedicated or donated to the City upon which a well and stormwater drainage facilities may be constructed.

A public safety facility site is proposed to be dedicated within the project area, the exact location of which will be determined and agreed upon at a later date.

The signature features for Rancho Calera are the Rancho Calera Riverwalk, the community facilities core with its minor community park and school sites, and strategically located neighborhood parks and promenades.

Parks & Open Spaces



The Rancho Calera Riverwalk on the south side of Ash Slough will be City owned and maintained and will provide connectivity to the Rancho Calera neighborhoods in the northern area of the community. The Riverwalk will be a combined pedestrian and bike all-weather trail and will be connected to several neighborhood parks. The slough itself is outside the planning area. The Riverwalk will be built in phases, corresponding to construction of the adjacent residential neighborhoods.



In the center of the project will be a minor community park of approximately 12.9 acres. This park will serve as a recreational center for the community. Land for the park will be dedicated to the City, which will construct amenities that may include picnic areas, playgrounds, sports courts or fields, an amphitheater that can be used for concerts and public gatherings, as well as a community center. The park will include a pedestrian and bike path, with the potential of joint use with the adjacent elementary school.

Conceptual Minor Community Park



The strategically located neighborhood parks, ranging in size from approximately 3 to 6 acres, will include several recreational amenities. Each of the neighborhood parks will be designed to serve the immediately surrounding neighborhoods and include such amenities as picnic tables, playgrounds, bike racks, community gardens, dog parks, sports fields, and basketball courts. Neighborhood park plans shall accompany subdivision map applications of adjoining property and will be approved in conjunction with these maps.

The neighborhood parks will be connected to other parks and amenities within Rancho Calera via greenways, sidewalks, and other open space corridors. These neighborhood connectors are intended to encourage walking and biking throughout the community. Amenities, such as park benches, may be incorporated into the neighborhood connectors.

Conceptual Neighborhood



The promenades are special project-defining features comprised of wide greenbelt medians designed to encourage walkability between the parks, schools, shopping areas, neighborhoods, and community features. The promenades will run north-south and east-west in the central portion of the project; additional greenways to the east and west, as well as north and south, of the promenades will provide walkability from the promenades and residential neighborhoods to the project amenities. One-way roads on each side of the promenades will define their boundaries and provide access through the center of the community.

Amenities along these central promenades may include such features as multi-use paths, flower gardens, entry arbors, plaza spaces, kiosks, shade trees and landscaping, bicycle rental facilities, benches, or other landscape features.

promenade example

For more details, download the Rancho Calera Specific Plan.

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