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Welcome Home to Rancho Calera.

Rancho Calera is a master-planned development in Chowchilla, California, a welcoming small-town community in the heart of the bountiful San Joaquin Valley. This recreation-oriented community features a diverse range of residential neighborhoods all in close proximity to schools, parks, and community gathering places.

Conveniently located near the junction of Highway 152 and Highway 99, Rancho Calera consists of low, medium and high-density residential lots as well as mixed use and service commercial areas and public facilities. All neighborhoods are connected through thoughtfully designed open spaces and pedestrian and bicycle-friendly walkways.

Rancho Calera includes a nearly 13-acre park at the heart of the community, plus 7 neighborhood parks and more than 5 miles of a “greenway network” that includes trails, pathways, and a broad central promenade to bring homes, schools, parks and retail centers together.

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Rancho Calera is a planned residential community that is approved for a mixture of residential, commercial, and civic land uses with a projected build-out population of approximately 6,000 residents. The project contains 576 acres with 2,042 residential units and approximately 308,405 square feet of commercial space. The signature features for Rancho Calera will be the community facilities core with its minor community park, school facilities, the Rancho Calera Riverwalk, and promenades.

A mixed-use center will be located east of North Fig Tree Boulevard at the intersection with East Robertson Boulevard to provide commercial services to residents. A larger commercial area, allowing large-scale retail and service centers, is located in the western corner of the site along East Robertson Boulevard near Highway 99.

Land will be dedicated to the City for the minor community park, neighborhood parks, the Rancho Calera Riverwalk, promenades, and a public safety facility. In addition, the developer has entered into agreements with the elementary school district and the high school district, both of which include, among other things, payment of development fees intended to assist the school districts in accommodating the children who will reside in Rancho Calera.

The City will construct the minor community park and public safety facility. The developer will construct neighborhood parks, the Rancho Calera Riverwalk, and promenades. The Chowchilla Elementary School District has constructed one elementary school in the planning area and may construct an additional elementary school in the planning area if needed.


Rancho Calera Land Use



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Land Use Designation Approx Acres Park Type Approx Acres Maximum du Maximum sf
Low Density Residential (RC-LDR) 203 1,008
Medium Density Residential (RC-MDR) 166   814  
High Density Residential (RC-HDR) 9 200
Mixed-Use (RC-MU)  3   20 47,045 
Service Commercial (RC-CS) 20     261,360
Park and Open Space (RC-P/OS) 66      
Minor Community Park   13    
Neighborhood Parks   23    
Riverwalk   25    
Promenades   5    
Public Facilities (RC-PF) 18      
Street Dedication (as shown on TM 16-0124) and other uses 76      
Total 561 66 2,042  308,405

For more details, download the Rancho Calera Specific Plan.

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Residential and commercial lots are now available for sale to local, regional and national building companies. Please contact us to learn more.

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